Ministry Opportunities

As the church grows, we realize that the needs of the family of God are ever increasing.  With this increase comes the opportunity for ministry.


We at Living Word Outreach encourage you to get involved in the ministries that are available so that your gifts and talents can be released to those who are in need.  The ministries mentioned below are only a few of the many opportunities available.



Power Kidz

Our desire is to introduce your children to the real Jesus by bringing HIS story to life! We desire to provide a safe, fun and engaging experience for your child and to bring them into a closer relationship with Jesus. Our classes start immediately following worship service.



Youth Group

We desire our youths to fall in love with Jesus.  We want them to be caught up in a genuine relationship with Jesus and through this be disciplined - learning to be a Christ-like in a society where truths are being blurred with social ideology rather than identity in who Jesus said they are.  



Bread of Life

God tells us in His Word to take care of the poor and the hungry.  By reaching out to the impoverished, we touch the very heart of God the Father. Our objective at Bread of Life is to provide more than the basic necessities to those suffering hardship; it is to minister to their spiritual needs as well. 


God says that when we have met the needs of others, we have ministered to Him (Matthew 25:46).


If you are in need of assistance through these ministries or wish to receive more information, please contact our office  at (316) 689-6866.



Garments of Praise

Garments of Praise is a clothing ministry which operates hand-in-hand with Bread of Life.  Through donations we receive from our generous community, we are able to provide adequate clothing to every member of the family who comes to us in need.



Media Ministry

When a video is needed or sound is adjusted, these anointed men and women are up to the task.  This ministry includes audio, video, graphics, media duplication and bookstore.  All of these aspects help make sure that the listener receives the clear message of the service, whether it is experienced live, on CD or DVD.



Worship/Sound Team

The Worship team at Living Word Outreach desires to minister to God with excellence of heart and talent, leading the congregation into an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit is free to move as He desires.


We believe that praise and worship is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare (Psalms 149:6).  The word of God is full of instances where people praised God and enemies scattered.


God created music to bring Him glory and to help express and enhance our worship to Him.  It is our belief that what the enemy has stolen from the body of Christ in the area of music and the arts, God is restoring.